He is as ordinary as ordinary can be.

Guided by a divine power, rock-solid grounded on this beautiful earth and humbly here for you, Daniel Aaron can be called a pundit of possibilities, a devotee of love, and a guide to creating an inspiring life.

His ruthless pursuit of wisdom, mystical and practical, and how we can apply it to radically upgrade our lives led him to a half-century of joyous seeking and more than a quarter century of assisting thousands of others.

From enlightened gurus to the deepest therapists, cutting-edge nutrition, fasting and cleansing Ashrams, centers and caves, Maine to Bali (with a few hundred vistas along the way) An excruciating childhood (which was also full of love) to everyday, guaranteed joy Entrepreneurial brilliance (including massively painful lessons and mistakes)

The most in-your-face confrontational therapies to divine blessings from saints

  • He’s a coach, teacher and writer.
  • Leader, designer, shaman
  • Businessman, naturalist, lover (of life, intimacy, transformation and most of all – what is)
  • Father, chocolatier and immortally-childlike

His religion is life, and his mission is to bring in a new era, where the new-normal is love and truth – kindness, authenticity and radiance – for all beings, of every species. A world where an aberrant act of meanness creates a ripple of alarm that immediately engenders a response of love and understanding so powerful that it melts the pain and meanness and harmony is restored.

His superpowers:

  • Insight and perception that sees to the perfection and beauty of each being and at the same time the obstacles, blockages or patterns in the way of that essence
  • Hilariousness humor,
  • Humility
  • Infinite energy and a vibrancy that shines
  • Infinite commitment to you, to life, to love and truth
  • Kooky courage and ever-surprising boldness

Ready with a dirty joke or sage counsel, the same in the sauna as on stage, Daniel feels privileged to serve, excited to meet you and honored and grateful to be alive in this amazing era.

What They Say About Daniel

Although I have only worked with Daniel for this relatively short while, I have found him to be someone of outstanding character; surpassed only by his knowledge, professionalism and expertise. His sensitive and respectful approach is equally complimented by his ability to ask pertinent and probing questions; essentially getting to the heart of the matter. All-in-all, Daniel is a very creative and inspiring coach and one that certainly has that rare gift of being able to facilitate key changes; and yet do so in a gentle, unassuming and fun way.

Paul L.

Coaching with Daniel Aaron is quite THE experience. During my Radiantly Alive YTT, I received live coaching with Daniel as my fellow trainees provided a supportive audience. Daniel calmed my nerves and provided a non-judgmental forum to express myself fully. He used humour, role play and clever questioning to delve into the underlying issues. I felt vulnerable, yet comforted and protected. Something that felt so terrifying at the beginning soon blossomed into a glowing clarity. After the session, I felt excited and reconnected to the possibilities of my future. What more could I have asked for? Daniel has a true gift, subtle and beautiful, that makes coaching with him an awakening experience.

Paul Hack
London, Yoga Instructor

Quite simply, Daniel changed my life. Transformation doesn’t really feel like a big enough word for what’s happened inside (and outside) of me. I started working with Daniel believing I would have some insights, what I did not, could not begin to understand, is that my life would be made new again. That I would be cracked open and made whole all at the same time. That I would be shown the perfect, radiant beauty inside of me and all those around me. That I would see the world as a vibrant pasture of possibility, goodness, and beauty. That I would be so humbled and overwhelmed by gratitude for how wonderful life could be, will be, that it would bring me to my knees. It is very tough work, but in the end you will be rewarded with at a life rich with love, strength, courage, humor and possibility.

Amanda Novelli
Bali, Attorney

Daniel works kindly and sensitively with each person’s issue. He is a great, attentive listener and carefully asks questions which you haven’t considered before but are of great importance. He is straight forward, honest, and very capable of drawing out change in those who are willing to go deep inside. His positive but challenging strategy and kind heart make him a great personal coach for a life change. I am very grateful for the experiences with him.