Living True


Yogis and yoginis, children of God, lovers of Radiance… I am writing to you specifically, if you are someone wanting to live true to yourself, to your values and be of service to the world. Have you felt that how you are living – and perhaps even the way you are earning your living – […]

Tie Up your Camel


There’s a great Muslim proverb that teaches about the balance between action and acceptance, control and allowing, trust and responsibility. “Trust in Allah, but tie up your camel.” Zaida (my daughter, 9 years old at this point) and I pulled up on our motor bike in front of Earth Cafe. We pulled right into the […]

The Winnership of Leading

Mark Twain wrote: ‘There was a song in every heart.’ Zaida, my nine year old daughter, and I are heading to Missouri in a few weeks. We’re so looking forward to camping, seeing our friend Will Bowen and his amazing wife Marti, and – we just realized – we also will visit the home of […]


“I want to go to the summer camp here.” I can tell when Zaida’’s tired or feeling insecure by the ‘little baby’ voice that comes out. “And I want to go to the summer camp at Rowe.” “Yeah?” I say. Her voice in this tween state is sweet and excited and delicious and I know […]

Let It Flow

Dear brothers and sisters, A few days ago I was driving with a passenger I don’t know well. She’d been generous to tell me a few things about her life. Our common friend, who’d asked me to give her a ride, told me beforehand that she’d been in a ‘funk’, had been sleeping all day, […]

Vitality – Nature or Nurture?

“Of all the natural forces, vitality is the incommunicable one.” –F. Scott Gerald With all due respect (and I bow to him as a man, leader and writer), that’s rubbish. What is difficult is to create vitality. Or, more accurately, to not get in the way of it. And, even more accurately, what’s difficult is […]

Immigration Story

It’s been wisely said that the best way to learn, the way we all learn best, is through story. This one, while true, could sound stranger than fiction, and which, might, if a listener were so inclined go beyond education right up to transformational. We are upon a world of value upgrading opportunity. Is it […]

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