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Vibrant Life Breath 21 Day

The Vibrant Life Breath is a tool that you can use to blast past that which has been holding you back, and light your way into a masterpiece of a life. Your life. As you want it. In all realms. Especially considering we are just talking about breathing. No fancy productivity tool. Or therapeutic intervention, course, training, book or product to buy. In fact, in this 3 week intensive you will gain the knowledge,

Yoga Teacher Training 1

Daniel Aaron’s Yoga Teacher Training brings so much more to our trainees than phenomenal yoga education.Think of it as a powerful and fun 26-day blast into life mastery, an awakening to who you really are, and a rocketship ride of joyful transformation that will radically and positively alter your life forever more. That would be more accurate, yet a cumbersome title. You will 

Tales from the Crib

​The crib, the bed, the most intimate part of our homes, perfectly symbolizes that most sacred and vulnerable parts of ourselves, the places inside ourselves that most crave touch and love, where we fear we won't be good enough or lovable enough. When we bring light the stories we tell about who we are, who we're not and what we deserve and are capable of in our most cherished 

Yoga Teacher Training 2

You’re in. You’ve eaten the blue pill. You’re beyond the experiment or foundational teachings of yoga and it’s part of your life. Whether you’re new to teaching or are ready to be one of the few whose teaching and leading creates powerful and deep benefits for students. True mastery, authenticity and confidence come as a result of powerful, deep and ongoing training.