Tales from the Crib

Sacred Sexuality, Peaceful Parenting and the Power of owning oneself.

Six sessions over six weeks beginning

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Your life of love, fulfillment and joy begins with those closest to you....

 You will learn to

Deepen intimacy with everyone - especially your chosen partner

Turn complaint and stagnancy into growth and gratitude

Make sex into spirituality and ten times more pleasure

Guide your children (yourself, employees, students… everyone in your life) to increased happiness, success and self-knowledge

Create unshakeable bonds of love and trust with your children, AND give them healthy boundaries that support everyone’s lives

The crib, the bed, the most intimate part of our homes, perfectly symbolizes that most sacred and vulnerable parts of ourselves, the places inside ourselves that most crave touch and love, where we fear we won't be good enough or lovable enough.

When we bring light the stories we tell about who we are, who we're not and what we deserve and are capable of in our most cherished and valued relationships, then we unlock the life of freedom and love that's always been our divine inheritance.

Everyone wants to feel vibrantly alive, pulsing with life force and shining with that awareness of our God nature. When we are buzzing with joy, not only do we feel like that all is well and perfect in the Universe, we are positively contagiously enthralling and attractive.

Self enquiry is the single greatest key to unlocking the power, flow and freedom that we crave most. If all we did was shining the light of awareness into our stories, our fears and desires, our lives would immediately reorder to a new design of beautiful music.

And we can and will do more than that!​

Daniel's Greatest Gift

Perhaps Daniel's greatest gift is in helping people fall in love with themselves.

It's said that the greatest loves are the ones where we are comfortable sharing body fluids. The crib is where our most intimate moments begin, and in understanding ourselves and our lives here, we expand into a life of love, joy, connection and magical intimacy that is legendary.

The most dangerous part about not having a strong self-inquiry habit, is that it's so easy to get lost in the trees that we don't realize we are in the midst of a forest that's less than our potential, less than our dreams and less than everything we know we could be. The part of us that settles in this forest is the part of us that is always and automatically wired to survival.

Surviving is good. And it's only part of why we are here. It's the ticket we need to get in the game.

And the game is thriving. We are here to play, score, stumble and fumble. To learn, live, get confused, teach and lead ourselves, and maybe our children, friends, students and clients to discover a wonderland of freedom and power that's always available.

Why parenting and sacred sexuality?

Sexuality is the pinnacle of not only intimacy - as mysterious, magical and enthralling is the tingle of sexual energy - it's also both learnable and predictable in that there are methods and techniques for creating the freedom and bravery in oneself needed to both be open to and to penetrate another with the fullness of our hearts, genitals and minds.

I know what you're thinking. The parenting part must be part of the course because all the sacred sexuality will undoubtedly lead to little beings for many of us. Yes and no.

Some may choose - whether a conscious choice or otherwise - to step up to another level of love in the form of parenting. Others may grow into the lessons of love offered by parenting through parenting themselves, teaching, or some other way of caring for other.

For many, parenting is the ultimate relational and intimate discovery of service, care and contribution. It's a realm where for most of us, there is no turning around, no escape, and mostly no expectation of what we are getting.

Sacred sexuality and parenting are two of the most powerful avenues for learning about oneself, love, freedom and fulfilment.

I know you know what I'm saying. You know. Because you are that, and even if you have been in the forest of okay for a long time, part of you remembers. Now may be your time to wake up, climb a tree and breathe in the view of your true inheritance.

Your life of love, fulfillment and joy begins with those closest to you..... Begins it NOW!

Tales from the Crib

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  • Six sessions over six weeks

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About Daniel Aaron:

He's an obsessive learner, and for 3 decades the primary focus of his dedication has been understanding how we humans work, the ways we don't work as well as we'd like, and how we can thrive in health, love and happiness. In short his mission and passion is helping people turn their lives into art - into the masterpiece that's a shining reflection of the unique glory that they are at essence.

A spiritual awakening - from 1992-1995 - shook him alert to aspects of life and consciousness that are seen by few. Since then he's constantly growing into better and better ways of uplifting others to live into their potential.

His own journey includes yoga with the modern masters; ruthless personal and spiritual development; radical therapies, trainings and mentorships with enlightened teachers; his own constant self-inquiry, most commonly derived from the ordinary human challenges of his commitment to masterful service via writing, teaching and coaching; being a single father; founding and running businesses.