May 2 - 28 , 2018

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A life of freedom, vitality, fulfillment and love.

From Daniel's Perspective

"This 'old' video well shows the magic, which has only multiplied with the evolution of the YTT now with Omega Institute's hosting and production"

Why This Training can Change Your Life...

Daniel Aaron’s Yoga Teacher Training brings so much more to our trainees than phenomenal yoga education.

Think of it as a powerful and fun 26-day blast into life mastery, an awakening to who you really are, and a rocketship ride of joyful transformation that will radically and positively alter your life forever more.

That would be more accurate, yet a cumbersome title. You will develop mastery in Yoga, the skills of teaching (moving bodies and touching souls), and how to thrive both physically and emotionally. You will refine your understanding of the intimacy that deepens all relationships and a meaningful connection and congruence with your own unique and beautiful soul.

Through our rich and intentionally-designed curriculum, professional attention to quality, a world-class faculty who have been leaders in their specialities for decades, along with the delicious, organic living foods and a grace which uplifts our yogic, learning community every time, your path to life-changing transformation is supported in every possible way.

 The Experience

It’s time. Are you ready? Time to wake up; to live anew. To awaken to the purposeful, inspired, incredible life that is waiting for you. Twenty-six days on the Islands of the Gods, with cleansing food, amazing yoga and deep self inquiry. It has the power to transform your world in a momentous way.

This is not your regular teacher training. Through tried and proven experiences, you will become much more than a yoga teacher; you will become empowered to live life in the extraordinary. A life of freedom, vitality, fulfillment and love.

What do we do differently? We take the ancient practice of yoga and bring it to life in mind and body through a range of different avenues. We take the body as a starting point, giving you tools and information needed to have a vibrant, energetic state. Though we will do a juice cleanse, our entire diet is cleansing (and delicious) gourmet living foods prepared by our Living Food Chef program. Rather than a single teacher, a single style, we bring in internationally acclaimed presenters of all styles and disciplines to give you a broad and holistic learning experience. We draw from twelve years of creating trainings and obsess about the curriculum and schedule so you can fully immerse yourself without worrying about the details. We host the training in one of the most spiritually rich places in the world, Bali. In short, we see yoga not just as a physical practice but a vehicle for learning how to let go of limiting beliefs and open a world of possibilities. Our entire curriculum is created to give you the power to live anew, to be a leader and to make a difference in the world.

If you are looking for a yoga holiday, or want to learn yoga on a purely physical level, this is not the training for you. If you are searching for something more and you see or feel the possibility of creating real, lasting change for yourself, then read on. And feel – in addition to thinking – is it time? Are you ready?

Hear From The Alumni...

April Wahl, Alumnus Level I Marketing Director Wisconsin, USA

This is not just any Yoga Teacher Training. This is also an accelerated growth and leadership program in which you will receive an absolute transformation in infinite ways. I loved the program while going through it, but I felt a bit of dissonance at the end. After returning home and enduring a slightly rough transition back to my everyday life, I found that 6 weeks later, my life had been completely transformed and so had I. Plus, I'm finding an abundance of opportunities to share my yoga and get paid for it! The experience was, and still is, magical! I have a feeling that the transformation in my everyday life has really just begun, and I cannot wait to see all the magic that is still to unfold as a result of this training.

Jesse Beamish, Alumnus Level I & II UI/UX Designer
" The Yoga Teacher Training is the most unique & all encompassing YTT in the world. As it continues to evolve & expand, there is no limit to its potential. I can’t wait to see what it grows into & in effect, how I in turn grow with it. The program is professional, profound, transformational, avant-garde, experimental, mystical, personal and so much more than my words could ever express. Thank you! "

The Faculty:

The faculty is just one of the stand out aspects of a Daniel Aaron Yoga Teacher Training. Instead of the industry norm of one or two different teachers with minimal experience, we fly in internationally acclaimed teachers from multiple different disciplines, all with decades of teaching experience. As a result you will receive the highest level of teaching, and a broad knowledge and understanding of the modern yoga spectrum.

  • Daniel AAron
  • Edward Clark
  • Udo Erasmus
  • Sandrine Kamhi
  • Dylan Bernstein
Chris Kummer
Faculty, Anatomy

N.D. BHS, Adv.Dip.Nat., Adv.Dip.Herb.Med., Adv.Dip.Nutr., Dip.Hom., Cert.Yoga. Chris is an experienced registered yoga teacher (E-RYT) who specializes in applied anatomy and physiology of yoga practices.Since 2000 Chris has been teaching yoga and the ‘Yoga Anatomy Show’ on over 70 accredited Yoga Teacher Trainings in many countries around the world and has conducted numerous workshops on yoga, breath, health and well-being.

Note: some faculty on some trainings may present virtually.

Hear From The Alumni...

Jasmine Matus, Alumnus Level I Northern Territory, Australia
" Daniel Aaron's Yoga Teacher Training is without a doubt one of the most influential and effective things I have done in my life. Every aspect of the training exceeded my wildest dreams. What I loved most was the unexpected twists and turns. I soon learnt not to have expectations! The daily surprises, the wonderful activities, the personal challenges and the intensive training together made this a truly magical and expanding experience.
It was hard work, highly challenging, emotional in so many ways - mostly joy! I met some of the most interesting and inspiring people whose lessons will continue to teach and challenge me for a long time to come.
My life has flourished both on and off the mat since the training, I am highly inquisitive about why things are 'the way things are', you can only know if you feel it in your body, you can only take another as deep as you have gone. I look at the world through fresh eyes with every day presented to me as a gift.
I now have an even greater respect for the ancient teachings of yoga and with the tools I have learnt through the training I feel it is something I can use to inspire others.
I would recommend this training to anyone with a passion for yoga, a strong desire to be challenged way beyond their comfort zones and become totally immersed in all things yoga. "
Elizabeth N. Lawton, Alumnus Level I Holistic Health Counselor, Maryland USA
"Daniel Aaron's Teacher Training is nothing short of mind-blowing and AWESOME! If it were not for the noticeable improvements in my personal growth (emotional, mental and physically), I may be tempted to believe my time with him and his mentors was only a dream ... and this was definitely a dream come true. His innovations in integrative learning styles and blending of topics provide a well-rounded curriculum, which is invaluable for a new yoga teacher; or, for anyone desiring to deepen their practice. I cannot say enough about the life-changing approaches which takes you back to the roots of Yoga and then builds you up to knowing what is right for you, while highlighting Raw Foods and Ayurveda principles. This is a challenging program as it exposes students to varied aspects of Yoga for a richer understanding of the diversity in this discipline and it's rich history and future ... as Yoga is for everyone ... in every walk of Life. This program lives up to claims that it is a world-class experience. It is worth every moment of your commitment."

The Curriculum:






Hear From The Alumni...

Manal Sehaimat
Over The Rainbow Yoga Club
Amman- Jordan
"My Yoga Teacher Training with Daniel Aaron changed my life, the teaching method of the training itself was very informative, well structured and disciplined. Daniel has proved to me that he is a true example of what he teaches. Daniel has empowered and inspired me with his discipline and dedication to the practice and to the International Yoga Community."
Edward Clark
Founder of Tripsichore Yoga
London, UK
"Daniel Aaron has been, and continues to be, an explorer in the realms of personal training. In his explorations, he consistently shows a desire to both seek and maintain high standards and a generosity to share his discoveries. He is intelligent and questioning and, with these qualities, his is adaptable and disciplined. His trainings give both the instructors and the students the latitude to ascertain what they do best. He is adept at facilitating situations where participants are presented with circumstances to find out more precisely just what that “best” might be as well as the skills to access these after the trainings are ended."

Vibrant Life Activation:

There’s life as you know it. And there’s life as you know in your heart it could be. What if you had the power to shape every aspect of your life into full delight, full alignment with your highest vision? Imagine family, relationships, business, health, sexuality, creativity, finances, spirituality and whatever is important for you brought to a level of wholeness, pleasure, fulfillment.

There’s life as you know it. And there’s life as you know in your heart it could be. What if you had the power to shape every aspect of your life into full delight, full alignment with your highest vision? Imagine family, relationships, business, health, sexuality, creativity, finances, spirituality and whatever is important for you brought to a level of wholeness, pleasure, fulfillment.

What if you could access that power in 4 days? This is what we do at the start of each teacher training. We set the base of the training, the mood, the vibe, on an energetic super-high so you get the absolute best training experience possible.

Daniel James and the team at Vibrant Life Trainings will guide you through 3 days that will empower you to create your life in ways that you’ve never thought possible. Through a combination of discourse, individual coaching, exercises, humor, movement, and love, the Radiant Life Activation will bring into focus the success you have been wishing for and more.

These four days, included in the price of your training, will set you up with a base of openness and lightness, of clarity and understanding that will give you tools that you will be able to directly apply to yoga, the training and your life.

Hear From The Alumni...

Eliza Pearson, Alumnus Level I & II Permaculturalist, London UK

" This training exceeded all my expectations on so many levels. I am blown away at the absolute dedication and passion of the team. It is unbelievable what Daniel has managed to incorporate into a month’s time! I have been exposed to so much none that I ever thought possible. It is by far the best value and the best thing I have ever spent my money and my time on. I have grown and evolved into myself, into more of the person I have every potential to become. I have come out the other side of this training stronger, happier, more playful, concentrated, dedicated, expanded, more in love with myself, those around me, and life. I have reached a new high of ‘how good can it get’ and I will forever carry in my heart the deepest gratitude for everyone and everything it took to make my experience what it was. "

Kristy De La Torre Bali, Indonesia

"I am so deeply grateful for the man. I attended one of Daniel’s amazing Yoga Teacher Trainings about 8 years ago in Bali, which was an entire month of world class teachers, high vibe food, exquisite accommodations with amazing students from all over the world. This was a life changing experience for me and was one of the catalysts for my awakening.Beyond Grateful for you Daniel Aaron and the work you are offering in assisting in this Awakening."

Application and Investment:

What you get:

Access to all classes in the Daniel Aaron Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training (200 hour YA certified).

Instruction and interaction with world-renowned faculty from across the globe.

Inclusion in the Daniel Aaron Alumni Network

Ongoing post-training support.

Alumni discounts on trainings, classes and products from Daniel Aaron.

Plenty more than this (but we want to leave something as a surprise!)

Room and board options available through Omega Institute

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USD $5,370 

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Daniel is so committed to truly helping you getting real results, and so confident in the time-tested power of this training, that if you’re not thrilled, just ask and you'll get a full refund.


Omega Institute for Holistic Studies

Omega Institute for Holistic Studies is a non-profit educational retreat center located in Rhinebeck, New York

The Schedule:

Our schedule is a product of love and constant improvement. Every training, over tens years worth, we refine, upgrade and improve the way we do things. This means the best is kept and refined, while new additions are constantly added. This freshness for each Level I we run, is perhaps we have so many Alumni who have completed the training come back to take it again.

Each day is a little different and during the training we maintain fluidity to best serve the needs of those in the training. A normal day at a Daniel Aaron Yoga Teacher Training will look something like this (though be anything but normal!)

Hear From The Alumni...

 Brent Laffon
- Los Angles, Yoga Teacher -



"I completed my radiantly alive training in October - November , 2010. Before I started my training I was struggling with a lot of things in my life. I was struggling with my carrier, I was struggling with my relationship, I was struggling with getting older of having aches and pains. I wanted to teach yoga as a supplement of my income. I thought it would be a nice way to make a living while I'm still pursuing my real passion at that time which is writing and writing is still a passion of mine. But after I finished my Teacher Training, yoga became my thing, my life and I started teaching full time about a year after I completed teacher training. And just by day by day, new opportunities presented themselves and I keep learning more and more about the practice. Learning more my own practice, learning about teaching, working with more and more people, different kind of people different ages, different body types, different issues that were plugging them. You know the more I taught, the more I taught with people the more I found that yoga had something to offer to everybody.It takes me to all around the world. I lead retreats in Peru, Iceland , Bali and Jamaica. You know it really opens up all kinds of avenue that I could never imagine. My health is better than its ever been. I'm happy with my life, relationship and my carrier. Its been a really dramatic transformation. Its seems that it just getting better everyday, the more I practice the more I stay truth on what I learn on my training. Its kind of magical, I don't know but it changes my life in all the best possible ways."

For more glowing testimonials click here

About Vibrant Living Yoga:

It’s true and fair to say that I am a teacher, coach, writer, astrologer and counselor. What unites all that I say and do though, and who I am? A man passionate about helping people end suffering, obsessed with learning, growth and transformation and committed to creating a new paradigm of vibrant living for all beings.

I’ve been working with and teaching people for more than 3 decades. For the last 25, one of the primary vehicles for helping people change has been yoga, and I’ve led and trained thousands of yoga students and teachers. I founded Radiantly Alive, a world-renowned center and school in Bali, created highly regarded professional trainings for living-food chefs, yoga teachers and for leadership, and lead trainings and seminars at Omega Institute.

My reputation – that I get powerful results for students and clients – derives from the depth of my own discipline, uncanny perception into others and a massive love for all beings. I teach and shares in a way that brings people to feeling deeply understood, accepted, inspired and transformed. My talks, workshops and events guarantee participants will have raucous fun and get powerful breakthroughs in multiple aspects of their lives according to their own definitions of success and happiness. Perhaps what I do best is create environments where people shine.

In short, my mission and passion is helping people turn their lives into art - into the masterpiece that's a shining reflection of the unique glory that they are at essence.

Originally from Maine, aspiritual awakening - from 1992-1995 - shook me alert to aspects of life and consciousness that are seen by few. Since then I’ve been constantly growing into better and better ways of uplifting others to live into their potential.

My own journey includes decades of yoga with the modern masters; ruthless personal and spiritual development; radical therapies, trainings and mentorships with enlightened teachers; my own constant self-inquiry, most commonly derived from the ordinary human challenges of my commitment to kindness, authenticity and masterful service via writing, teaching and coaching; single fathering a 10 year old angel; and founding, running and selling businesses.