Your Vibrant Life - 21 Day Experience

Change your vibration, change your life
Breathe deep, know thyself and master your life

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The Vibrant Life Breath is a tool that you can use to blast past that which has been holding you back, and light your way into a masterpiece of a life. Your life. As you want it. In all realms.

Sounds like a lot, right?

Especially considering we are just talking about breathing. No fancy productivity tool. Or therapeutic intervention, course, training, book or product to buy. In fact, in this 3 week intensive you will gain the knowledge, skills and experience to not only powerfully shift your life, you will also be empowered to keep it spiraling lighter and lighter all the time.

You might be saying: 'But it's just breathing...'

And breathing is free, and automatic. There's not even any governmental control imposed on it! 

That's it, actually, the secret of how this works is that you get to control your breath, and your life. You are the boss. Fully and finally.

My job? Give you the tool, teach you how to use it and then give a bit of coaching as you practice it in our time together.

It'll be 3 power packed sessions with me giving you the essential download of what I've learned and experienced in the last 40 years of conscious breath focus.

It'll be 3 power packed sessions with me giving you the essential download of what I've learned and experienced in the last 40 years of conscious breath focus.

For me it started with playing the flute and through athletics as a young man. Shortly after a spiritual awakening (aka my life blew up and I thought I was crazy) back in 1995, I found the miracle of breath work for personal and spiritual development. I was immediately hooked, trained to be a practitioner and have been on fire with it ever since.

You see, what I get to experience in giving a session, which is a fraction of the power, progress and beauty of what the breather (you?) experiences, lights me up so much I can actually tear up right now with gratitude for this 'work.'

I got into yoga at the same time, and over the last 22 years, I've learned several types of breathing, supported thousands of people to open their breath and radically upgrade their lives and continued to guinea pig experiment on myself. I've been called an extremist, which I don't deny. When I find something as beneficial as this, I go for it, and tell everyone I know about it.

Here's the FORMAT:Gift

We meet 3 times over the course of three weeks. In those info dense sessions, I'll give you the why, what and how to open, refine and master your own breathing, which is (so you know) the golden ticket to every aspect of your life.

Simply put: breath is life.

And few of us have consciously learned how to breathe, nor the many ways we can utilize this power tool for a variety of benefits in our lives.

Each of the live webinars will be recorded and you can download them:

Webinar 1 - Launch, Life and Practice - August 1, 2017

Webinar 2 - Emotions, Energy and Freedom - August 11, 2017

Webinar 3 - Spirit, Integration and Rising Onward - August 21, 2017

You will learn to use the breath to:

Gain as much energy as you want

Release old, stuck (often unconscious) emotional blockages

Be empowered to change your state whenever you want, which means if what you are feeling isn’t serving you, the ideal way of being, and feeling, is only a few breaths away.

Connect to the spiritual truth of who you are instantly

Become a therapeutic presence for others just by being yourself

Detoxify and alkalinize

Heal any disease

Boost your immunity to create super health

And, honestly, as over the top as that may sound, it's just the beginning.

In between our sessions together you get to play daily - just a few focused moments at minimum: to keep your breath opening and deepening, and to support your transformational experience with awareness, compassion and integration.

You also get to connect with me and the rest of the amazing breathers on this journey together via a private Facebook group. You can ask questions, get responses and share the breath love. We're all in it (breath, life, bliss) together.

What you'll need:

A genuine desire to transform you life from what it is now into something even more amazing.

And if your life isn’t feeling at all or much amazing you now, you might want to skip straight to ‘join now.

Access to the internet for the 3 webinars. If the timing doesn't suit you, you can take the upgraded access that includes the downloads of each session. And feel free to ask me questions after each one.

A body. No foolin'. This webinar and program is for those who are both spirit and body!


"Daniel’s dedication to personal development and the decades he’s spent on his own drive each session to go further and deeper. He’s intuitive in his guidance and makes sessions of emotional exorcism feel safe and supported"

Melissa Wozniak
New York

"Daniel is committed to bringing the best out of everyone. He knows this is possible before many of us do."

Sarah Sandkuhl
Columbia, Missouri
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Your life of vitality, joy and fulfillment await..... When would now be a great time to begin it?

Webinar Event

Vibrant Life Breath Experience

August 1 - 22, 2017

Change your breath, change your life.

Breathe deep, thrive and master your life.​


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About Daniel Aaron:

He's an obsessive learner, and for 3 decades the primary focus of his dedication has been understanding how we humans work, the ways we don't work as well as we'd like, and how we can thrive in health, love and happiness. In short his mission and passion is helping people turn their lives into art - into the masterpiece that's a shining reflection of the unique glory that they are at essence.

A spiritual awakening - from 1992-1995 - shook him alert to aspects of life and consciousness that are seen by few. Since then he's constantly growing into better and better ways of uplifting others to live into their potential.

His own journey includes yoga with the modern masters; ruthless personal and spiritual development; radical therapies, trainings and mentorships with enlightened teachers; his own constant self-inquiry, most commonly derived from the ordinary human challenges of his commitment to masterful service via writing, teaching and coaching; being a single father; founding and running businesses.