Always entertaining and captivating, Daniel’s storytelling magic hypnotizes audiences into healing, positivity and an increased sense of their own perfection, beauty and freedom. From topics as far ranging as health, fitness, yoga, meditation and nutrition, all the way to spirituality, esoteric sciences and psychic phenomena. Daniel also presents on conscious business, peaceful parenting, and even sacred sexualty and relationships. No matter what the topic, Daniel always produces the result of entertaining, educating and enlightening audiences.

Vibrant Life Breath Workshops:

Daniel’s obsession with breathing began early in life with his own asthma. While he suffered from it(exacerbated at times by allergies and climate challenges), he nonetheless found relief through the concentrated breathing required for playing the bass clarinet.

In 1995, following his spiritual awakening, he discovered the therapeutic and spiritual power of breathwork. Hooked from the first session, he immediately began training – at that point not to help anyone else, simply because it was by far the most powerful healing method he’d encountered (and he’d tried a lot).It was the first safe, reliable and methodological access to peak or ecstatic states.

He’s guided thousands of people to open their breathing, release old and/or stuck negative emotions, and access their own wisdom, spirit and highest self. Through all the work that Daniel offers, this remains a favorite in part because of it’s mind-blowing, immediate power to open people to the beauty and color of the world.

Yoga Consultant (business and/or teacher training):

Daniel’s yoga journey rapidly accelerated in 1996 when he moved to Omega Institute. There, like a kid in a candy store, he participated in hundreds of yoga classes, and moreover studied and experienced the inner-workings of workshops, retreats and trainings. He learned what worked and what did not, from the faculty to the production to the music to the materials.

Later he built, and sold, Radiantly Alive, a world center for yoga and movement in Bali, as well as renowned for teacher trainings in yoga, leadership and raw-cheffing. His trainings are regarded as tops in the industry due to the creative and consistent innovation (he’s obsessed with making it better to serve the trainees better) as well as the attention to detail, purity and over-the-top quality.

He’s been guest faculty on workshops, retreats and yoga teacher trainings. As a human potential coach, he specializes in helping people shift their life from work and business that feels misaligned with their spirit, into work that contributes to the world and jives with their hearts. Whether you’re interested in increasing the quality of your offerings, or the reach of them (including your financial return), Daniel can help you to grow, have more fun and serve the world even better.