Daniel is committed to bringing the best out of everyone. He knows this is possible before many of us do.

Sarah Sandkuhl

Listening to Daniel Aaron’s account of his years of searching and self-discovery is a little like following the story of the early wanderings of Siddartha Gautama, theBuddha.
Richard Mann

A genuine sense of self-discovery and pure energy has been reignited in me. I feel more connected to myself and others on a spiritual, emotional, and physical level. And I’m inspired to keep growing and delving deeper into the magic and unknown beauty of living a vibrant life. I now feel that I am living an extraordinary life, and that it will only become clearer and better, walking with a new understanding of myself, others, and life. Daniel’s ability to share his life, growth, and challenges has been such a valuable and charged learning experience to take on board. His ability to combine storytelling with teaching is also very unique. The experience with Daniel is memorable and insightful. I very much admire his passion that is from the heart, and with clear intention.

Gillian Wilkins
New York

Daniel’s dedication to personal development and the decades he’s spent on his own drive each session to go further and deeper. He’s intuitive in his guidance and makes sessions of emotional exorcism feel safe and supported.

Melissa Wozniak
New York

Daniel has a true wealth of knowledge and experience and he combines it in such a way to create supercharged, action-packed transformation.

Zack Horrell
New Zealand

It's been life changing for me. I have had a long hard struggle and I have pushed to get this far. The course helped me identify the things I need to change in my life. I feel so much better in myself. Can’t thank you enough. GOD BLESS

Annette Whitehead

Daniel is real, full of humanity, relatable and grounded in reality, essential qualities for any great teacher. Daniel has suffered himself, experienced tragedy and consequently has spent much of his life as a true spiritual adventurer, often experimenting on himself, searching for ever deeper knowledge of the secrets of transformational spiritual alchemy and has a passion to help us all alleviate personal suffering and be the best we can be in happiness, health and spiritual freedom.

Daniel is spiritually pragmatic and focuses on what he has found to truly work from a wealth and full rainbow spectrum of learning and integration of many of the "arts of transformation" he has studied and mastered.

Marianne Bailey
London, England

I am on a good way. Feel well prepared to slowly change my life. Discovered many fields where I want to start. More balanced job situation, less pressure and will definitely reduce hours and will start teaching there. Will integrate yoga and meditation on a daily basis and start sharing my experience. Begin to show, more of my inside instead of hiding behind the wall. Show more of my feminine side and open up. I will trust myself more than before and I know now that I can reach the things I really want.

Annette Hammel